Confocal Microscopy


  • Multi-dimensional image acquisition
    • With free combination of multi-dimensional parameters including X,Y,Z, t and λ
  • High speed spectral acquisition & unmixing
  • Ultra-high speed imaging and photoactivation
  • FRET
  • Four-color imaging


Nikon A1R Confocal Microscope
The Nikon A1R Confocal Microscope System includes:

  • 7-Laser Lines, 4-Channel Detector
  • Hybrid scanning head (resonant & galvano)
  • Enhanced spectral detector
  • Nikon Eclipse Ti-E inverted research microscope with the following lenses:
    • CFI Plan Fluor DL 10X NA 0.3 WD 16.0 mm
    • CFI Plan Fluor 20X MI NA 0.75 WD 0.35
    • CFi Plan Fluor 40X Oil NA 1.30 WD 0.20mm
    • CFI Plan APO VC 60X Oil NA 1.4 WD 0.13mm