Bead-based Multiplexing (Luminex Technology)


  • Quantitation and detection of cytokine and signal transduction proteins, DNA & RNA
  • Gene expression
  • Protein analysis
  • Drug discovery
  • Oncology


Luminex MAGPIX® magpix
Although the MAGPIX system is based on conventional principles of fluorescence imaging, light emitting diodes and a CCD camera replace the traditional lasers and photo multipliers employed in other systems. Benefits of using this technology include reduced costs and labor, generation of more data with less samples and faster more reproducible results than with solid, planar arrays.

Luminex technology combines a unique labeling system which color-codes beads into 50 distinct sets. Each of these beads can then be coated with a reagent of choice specific to a particular assay. This allows for the capture and analysis of different analytes from one sample, allowing the detection of up to 50 unique bioassays within a single sample.